Academic and Student Services

Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who, along with the GPISH Course Director, provides academic support. In addition, for those who require assistance with academic reading and writing, English language support is provided by the English for Academic Purposes Coordinator. The Academic Administrator oversees course scheduling and administration related to coursework, readings and exams.

The Student Services Unit assists students in the following areas:

  • Admissions

  • Records and transcripts

  • Programme-related travel

  • Financial administration

  • Orientation and graduation programmes

  • Accommodation

  • Social activities

  • Career and internship opportunities

To ensure effective communication between the students and the department, representatives from the student body sit on the GPISH Programme Board. This Board is provided a fund to cover the costs of cultural and social activities which are organized by students in liason with Student Services staff.

Students also have access to a confidential welfare and counselling service through the University of Westminster's Student Counselling and Advice Service. Each student is also provided a membership to International Students House.

Library Resources

The Institute’s Library has one of the most valuable and comprehensive collections of manuscripts, books and other materials relating to Ismaili Studies. The collection, of approximately 17,000 volumes, serves as a major resource centre for scholars and students and is one of the most significant central archives of Ismaili materials in the world.

Faculty and students in the Department of Graduate Studies have access to specialised library collections in Islamic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, the Senate House Library at the University of London as well as the Institute’s own Library.

Computing Facilities

Students enrolled in the Institute’s programmes have access to computing facilities and online facilities. In addition, an interest-free IT loan scheme enables students to purchase a laptop computer.

Conference Fund

Students are encouraged to attend and participate in regional and international conferences. In particular, the Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) is regularly attended by students and staff, in addition to more specialized conferences around the world.

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