“Muslim Pluralism: Historical and Contemporary Encounters with the Internal Others” Seminar Series, 2002

Excerpts from Zulfikar A Hirji’s Introduction to the Muslim Pluralism Seminar Series

The Series explores in an interdisciplinary manner the diverse ways in which Muslims have addressed issues of authority, governance, knowledge, gender, material culture, social relations, space, language, ethics and the sacred.

The aims of the series are four-fold:

  1. To critically assess the engagement Muslims have had with their own diversity and their responses to it;

  2. To delineate Muslim constructions of self, other and community;

  3. To outline methodological approaches by which historical and contemporary pluralism within Muslim societies might be examined and understood; and

  4. To assess if approaches to the study of diversity amongst Muslims are relevant for other communities.


“The Contemporary Challenge of Pluralism in the Management of Competing American Islamic Identities”
Professor Patrice Brodeur
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Pluralism Project, Connecticut College

Tuesday March 5, 2002 11:30 am

“Islam and Cultural Pluralism: Reflections from Indonesia and France”
Professor John Bowen
Professor of Anthropology and Law, Washington University at St Louis
Tuesday April 11, 2002 3:00 pm

Muslim Identity and Mosque Architecture
Professor Hasan-Uddin Khan
Distinguished Professor of Architecture & Historic Preservation, Roger
Williams University and Visiting Professor of Architecture, Massachussets Institute of Technology
Wednesday May 15, 2002 2:00 pm

Reform and Pluralism in Islam: The Responses of Contemporary Iranian Intellectuals
Dr Farhang Jahanpour
Scholar and International Media Commentator on Iranian Affairs
Thursday October 10, 2002 3:00 pm

Muhammad Iqbal and the Crisis of Representation in British India
Dr Faisal Devji
Head, Graduate Studies, The Institute of Ismaili Studies
Thursday October 31, 2002 3:00 pm

“Orientalism and Muslim Modernism”
Dr Chase F. Robinson
Lecturer in Islamic History, University of Oxford
Thursday November 7, 2002 3:00 pm

“Tolerance and Pluralism in Early/Classical Islam”
Professor Joseph van Ess
Professor Emeritus, Universität Tübingen, Germany
Wednesday November 20, 2002 3:00 pm

Art and Pluralism in Islam: Seeking Out the Visual Boundaries
Professor James Allen
Professor and Keeper of Eastern Art, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
Thursday November 28, 2002 3:00 pm

Citizenship, Citizenship Education and Diversity in the Contemporary English Context: From Policy to Practice
Dr Dina Kiwan
Research Officer, Evidence-based Policy and Practice Centre, Institute of Education, University of London
Thursday December 5, 2002 3:00 pm

Observing the Observed: Multiple Discourses on the Veil
Professor Tazim R. Kassam
Director, Graduate Studies Programme and Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Syracuse University
Thursday December 12, 2002 3:00 pm

“Pluralism: Reflections from the Work of Rumi”
Professor Roy Mottahedeh
Gurney Professor of History, Harvard University
Monday January 27, 2003 3:30 pm

The proceedings from the seminar series will be published in the form of an edited volume of papers by The Institute of Ismaili Studies in association with I. B. Tauris.

Series Coordinator:Zulfikar A Hirji, IIS Research Fellow.