Introduction to Translations

In addition to publishing original works, the Institute actively engages in the translation of its academic publications into a variety of languages in order to increase their accessibility to its various target constituencies.


Many of the Institute’s early publications were translations of Henry Corbin’s works into English and the Institute’s Texts and Translations Series attempts to make the thought of many Muslim thinkers, who have expressed themselves in Arabic or Persian, available to English-speaking audiences.

In the mid 1990s, the Institute began to make available many of its own works in a variety of languages. To date, more than 30 translations of 12 IIS publications have been released. IIS publications have been translated from English into ten other languages including Arabic, French, German, Hungarian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Tajik, Turkish and Urdu.


In addition to its academic publications, the Institute’s initiative in religious and cultural education, Ta‘lim, is developed in nine different languages including Arabic, English, French, Gujarati, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Tajik and Urdu.

Translations can be searched either by title or by language.