Dr. Nader El-Bizri


Dr Nader El-Bizri is an Associate Professor at the Civilization Sequence Program at the American University of Beirut (AUB), and he is also the Director of the Anis Makdisi Program in Literature at AUB, and the Coordinator of the MA in Islamic Studies at the AUB Centre for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies. Prior to that, he was a Principal Lecturer (Readership scale) at The University of Lincoln Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design, and he was a Research Associate in Philosophy at the IIS from 2002 till 2010.  Formerly he held a Lectureship at The Institute of Architecture at The University of Nottingham (2000-2002) where he taught philosophy and architectural theory, and acted as the coordinator of the MA programme in Architectural Theory and Design. Previously he has also taught at Harvard University and The American University of Beirut, and since September 1999 he has been lecturing on classical Arabic sciences at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at The University of Cambridge as an Affiliated Lecturer and Research Scholar. In addition, he is a Chercheur Associé at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris (CNRS, UMR 7219), and he was a Visiting Professor of Visual Studies at the School of Architecture at The University of Lincoln from 2007 till 2010.

Dr El-Bizri received his PhD in philosophy from the Graduate Faculty of The New School for Social Research in New York, after reading philosophy at Harvard University. Earlier, he had earned a Masters degree in architecture from The Harvard Graduate School of Design. Beside his academic undertakings, he has twelve years of professional consulting experience in architecture offices and institutions in Geneva, New York, London, Cambridge and Beirut.

Dr El-Bizri's academic research interests are mainly in the areas of Greco-Arabic classical traditions in science and philosophy, in phenomenology, and in architectural humanities. He is the author of The Phenomenological Quest Between Avicenna and Heidegger (New York: Binghamton SUNY, 2000), and Epistles of the Brethren of Purity: On Arithmetic and Geometry. An Arabic Critical Edition and English Translation of EPISTLES 1 & 2 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2012). He is also the editor of Epistles of the Brethren of Purity. Ikhwan al-Safa’ and their Rasa’il: An Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2008), and he edited the translation of the voluminous Founding Figures and Commentators in Arabic Mathematics (London: Routledge, 2011), which consists of primary source texts with commentaries by Roshdi Rashed.

He is also the Editor of the ‘Islam Division’ of the Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Religions (Dordrecht: Springer, 2013). Moreover, Dr El-Bizri published widely in peer-refereed academic journals, edited volumes, and encyclopaedias. He has also presented numerous peer-reviewed papers and keynote talks at various international academic conferences and has been a contributor to the classical and cultural supplements of the Arabic international newspaper Al-Hayat, and has been interviewed for Radio programmes and TV documentaries. In addition, he is a member of several learned societies, including The American Philosophical Association (APA), The British Society for Phenomenology, The Architectural Humanities Research Association (Consortium of British Universities), and The International Husserl and Phenomenological Research Society. Dr El-Bizri is also an elected member of the Executive Council of the Société Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences et des Philosophies Arabes et Islamiques. Moreover, he acts as the Co-Editor of a phenomenology book series, published by Kluwer Academic publishers (Dordrecht), and serves on the Editorial Boards of Arabic Sciences and Philosophy (Cambridge University Press journal), the Fundamentals of Scientific Knowledge series (Arab Organization for Translation, Beirut) and the Toposophia series on philosophy and architecture published by Lexington books (Maryland, USA).

His long-term research at the IIS consists of acting as the General Editor (Managing Editor ex officio) of the Epistles of the Brethren of Purity book series, which is published by Oxford University Press in association with the IIS, and consists of Arabic critical editions and annotated English translations with commentaries of the Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa'. He is also the Co-Manager of a joint institutional project between the IIS and L’Institut Français d’Etudes Arabes in Damascus (Institut Français du Proche Orient), and acts as the Coordinator of the IIS Texts and Translations Series, which is published by I. B. Tauris in association with the IIS, and is also a member of its Editorial Board. Moreover, he is a member of the board of Consulting Editors of the Encyclopaedia Islamica, which is published by E. J. Brill in association with the IIS.