Quality Assurance and Evaluation (QA&E) Unit

Introduction to the Unit

The QA&E Unit consists of:

•    Head of Quality Assurance and Evaluation, Diane Rainsbury 
•    Senior Quality Assurance Officer, currently vacant
•    Research and Evaluation Adviser, Nibras Aldibbiat 

The QA&E unit was established in early 2017 following the appointment of the Head of Quality Assurance and Evaluation in October 2016.
The Institute for Ismaili Studies (IIS) carefully maps all its procedures against national quality assurance and enhancement requirements. The IIS aims to ensure a high-quality learning experience through a commitment to excellence in learning and teaching, a current and stimulating learning environment and a reflective, well-designed curriculum which supports the aspirations of our students, the enhancement of teaching quality and the needs and aims of community.

The team manages key quality assurance processes, including the external obligations to the QAA which forms part of our annual work developing the action plan and preparing for any written submissions and visits that may take place. We also lead on the validating partners' arrangements, supporting our academic partners in the management of documentation for this. We conduct research to ensure the IIS can be benchmarked against external best practice and produce reports, briefings, and recommendations to that effect. 

The IIS underwent its first Higher Education Review (HER) by the QAA in April 2016. The report identified areas of good practice and made a number of recommendations and affirmations that help form our Action Plan. 
Following on from the HER we underwent the Educational Oversight monitoring review in May 2017 where we received a ‘commendable progress’ outcome. The full report can be found, along with the IIS’s complete QAA history of monitoring, on the QAA website and below : 

The Institute has prepared an action plan in response to the recommendations made by the QAA, which can be read here: