Chapter Groups

The Regional Chapter Groups were established to:

  • Build a knowledge network between alumni, allowing them to virtually connect, get to know one another, and to begin having in-house discussions on topics of interest and relevance;
  • Encouraging and supporting alumni in their continuing education endeavours;

    Facilitating networking opportunities.

    There are currently three Chapter Groups serving Asia and Africa (formed April 2006), Europe (formed November 2005), and North America (formed October 2005). Each Chapter Group elects a President and Secretary who hold office for a one year period.

    Chapter Groups Leadership 2013 - 2014

    The Presidents and Secretaries of the respective Chapter Groups for the period September 2013 to August 2014 are as follows:




    Mr Nemat Alifbekov

    (GPISH - Class of 2005)


    Ms Laila Pirani

    (STEP - Class of 2009)




    Dr Dagi Dagiev

    (GPISH - Class of 2003)

    Mr Nibras Aldibbiat

    (GPISH - Class of 2010)




    Ms Shahnaz Savani

    (WTEP - Class of 1993)

    Ms Aliyyah Datoo

    (STEP - Class of 2010)