Third Year Master's Degree

For the third year of the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities, students pursue a master’s degree at a UK degree-granting university in a subject area that resonates with the aims of the Graduate Programme. Students are solely responsible for gaining admission to the master’s programme of their choice. The process of choosing a master’s programme involves consultation with the Course Director and an Academic Advisor, who are members of the IIS faculty.

Although no longer resident at the IIS, all third-year students are considered to be students of The Institute of Ismaili Studies. Students continue to be funded by the IIS and enjoy library borrowing privileges as well as the use of computer facilities at the IIS. Students must keep the Department of Graduate Studies informed of their academic progress and career plans. The Department may also invite third-year students to return to the IIS to present their work.

Universities students have attended in past 3 years