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By activating your profile on this portal, you are agreeing to the following “Privacy Policy”:


  • By submitting this information, I hereby provide explicit consent to my personal data being collected, stored, processed, used, disclosed, transferred or shared either physically or electronically, and/or over the internet or by other communication or transmission, in connection with The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) Alumni network.


  • The reference to ‘the IIS Alumni Network’ includes the processing and review of my information, in order to provide senior HR staff of the AKDN and Jamati network, globally to refer to when they have an appropriate human resource need.


  • Unless indicated otherwise below, I separately provide explicit consent for any sensitive personal data which I have disclosed for the IIS Alumni network to be used on the same basis as above. I understand that sensitive personal data includes any information which reveals my racial/ethnic origin, physical or mental health, details of any criminal offences (actual or alleged), or data concerning health.


  • My explicit consent covers the storage, processing, use, disclosure, transfer and sharing of both personal and sensitive data both within the United Kingdom by IIS and internationally to AKDN and Jamati network as well as IIS-affiliated entities.


  • I understand that the IIS will comply with all legislative requirements in protecting my personal and sensitive data which I enjoy under the UK government’s data protection legislation.


  • I understand that the IIS may be required to disclose my personal data to any relevant authority in any jurisdiction where such disclosure is required by applicable laws.


  • The IIS’ Data Controller is Salah Mirza, who can be reached at smirza@iis.ac.uk.


  • I understand that I may withdraw this consent at any time by providing written notice to the Data Controller.

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