Online resources

Online Resources

The Library subscribes to a range of online resources specializing in the Humanities and Social Sciences to support students and scholars' research interests. Online resources are intended tto provide 24/7 access to the library collection. 

On-site access is automatic for most of the resources the Library subscribes to and requires a computer or mobile device connected to the AKU-ISMC or IIS network. 

Off-site access is available through OCLC authentication and requires a username and password; however, off-site access can only be provided to registered members of the Library.


To make a search in all these resources simultaneously, use our Disco very catalogue


​TRIAL  Brockelmann Online



​TRIAL History of Afghanistan



Al-Bayan: Journal of Qur'an and Hadithinfo-icon Studies On-site Off-site
Arabic eBooks  ​​On -s it e O ff- site
Arabica On-site Off-site
Bridgeman Education On-site Off-site
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies On-site Off-site
Central Asian Survey On-site Off-site
Contemporary Islam On-site Off-site
Daedalus On-site Off-site
Dictionary of Qur'anic Usage On-site Off-site
Die Welt des Islam On-site Off-site
Encyclopaedia of Islam On-site Off-site
Encyclopaedia Islamica On-site Off-site
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an On-site Off-site
Ilahiyat Studies On-site Off-site
​ Index Islamicus On-site Off-site
Malay World On-site Off-site
Intellectual History of the Islamicate World On-site Off-site
International Journal of Middle East Studies On-site Off- site
Iranian Studies On-site Off-site
Der Islam On-site Off-site
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations On-site Off-site
Islamic Law and Society On-site Off- site
Journal of Abbasid Studies On-site Off-site
Journal of Islamic Archaeology On-site Off-site
Journal of Islamic Manuscripts On-site Off -site
Journal of Islamic Studies On-site Off-site
Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs On-site Off-site
Journal of Muslims in Europe On-site Off-site
Journal of Persianate Studies On-site Off-site
Journal of Qur'anic Studies On-site Off-site
Journal of Sufi Studies On-site Off-site
Journal of the American Academy of Religion On-site Off-site
Journal of the International Qur'anic Studies Association On-site Off-site
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society On-site Off-site
JSTOR (Arts & Sciences I-IV) On-site Off-site
Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean On-site Off-site
Middle Eastern Literatures (incorporating Edebiyat) On-site Off-site
Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication On-site Off -site
Middle East Law and Governance On-site Off-site
Muqarnas On-site Off-site
The Muslim World Journal On-site Off-site
Oxford Bibliographies - Islamic Studies On-site Off-site
Oxford Islamic Studies Online On-site Off-site
​Qur'an Concordance O n-site Off-site
Religion & Philosophy Collection  On-s ite Off-site
Religion Compass On-site Off-site
Shii Studies Review On-site Off-site
Sociology of Islam On -site Off-site
Sociology Source Ultimate On -site Off- site
Turkish Studies On-site Off -site


A-Z List of Online Journals, Reference Works and Databases

A comprehensive list of all online journals, electronic reference works and databases currently subscribed by the library can be accessed through the WorldCat Knowledge Base. Each title is listed separately in alphabetical order and if on-site, full text articles are available.

A-Z Knowledge Base


Online Resources on Google Scholar

The Library shares its holdings for online materials with Google. It is therefore possible for library users to search Google Scholar for an article they require and be directed to our copy of the material.  On-site searches in Google Scholar will give direct access to full-text versions of the article if available.

Any queries or questions regarding our online resources, their coverage and contents can be directed to Pedro Sanchez