Pir Sadardin

The mausoleum of Pir Sadardin, an Ismaili da‘i, in Uch Shariff, Pakistan (1987)
Pirinfo-icon Sadardin is a figure of great stature, reported to have died anytime between the latter decades of the 14th century and early decades of the 15th. His work is said to have spanned Sindinfo-icon, Punjab, Kutch and Kathiawad. Pir Sadardin is regarded by Khoja Ismailis as their founder as a community.

Saloko Nano
a ginaninfo-icon attributed to Pir Sadardin

The entire Saloko Nano is found between 256b and 266a.

Copied by Nurua Paruani, Pir Dinu Nuruani and others between AD 1802-1830 / 1858 -1887 S in Shah Bandar, Sind.

266a ff; 17-19 lines per page; 28 x 19 cm; blank ink; half leather bound and laminated.

MS KH48 pt II.


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