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The beginning of a new academic year is always an exciting time in the IIS calendar, particularly when our new intake of students arrive. We recently welcomed new students onto the Secondary Teacher Education Programme (STEP) and the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) into our vibrant learning community. Arriving from across the globe, 29 students joined STEP from Canada, India, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and the USA, whilst 11 students from Canada, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the USA began GPISH.


Dr. Arif Jamal speaking with colleagues
Venue: Aga Khan Centre, London, United Kingdom.
Date: 13th November 2019
Time: 5 PM

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Wladimir A. Ivanow (1886–1970), the celebrated Russian academic who paved the way for modern scholarship on Ismaili and Iranian linguistic Studies was the inspiration behind many of the papers presented at the flagship conference entitled...
The author, Rizwan Mawani, with Mouride Talibes outside their holy pilgrimage site, the Great Mosque of Touba in Senegal.
The second publication in the Institute’s new World of Islam series, Beyond the Mosque: Diverse Spaces of Muslim Worship, is a first person exploration of sacred spaces across the breadth of the Muslim world. 
In recent times, there have been a number of misunderstandings and misconceptions around Sharia or Islamic law in both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. Understanding Sharia: Islamic Law in a Globalised World is helping to bridge this knowledge gap...