Shi‘a Prayers

Ms KH21, pp. 308-309

Dated 1819-23 CE and copied in Surat, Gujurat by multiple scribes.

This manuscript has the most colourful and decorative design in the IIS’ Khojkiinfo-icon collection. On page 308, the Shahada is inscribed in Arabic within a decorative circle, surrounded by invocations to Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Imaminfo-icon ‘Ali, Bibiinfo-icon Fatimainfo-icon, Hazrat Hasan and Imam Husayn. Page 309 reveals the text of Nad-i ‘Ali, an invocatory prayer addressed to Imam ‘Ali. Red and black ink is used to show Dhulfiqar, Imam ‘Ali’s legendary two-pointed sword. The text in Arabic script reads “Ya Allah (O Allah), Ya ‘Ali (O Ali), La Fata illa ‘Ali la sayf…” and “Nad-i ‘Aliyyan”. Unfortunately, part of the design is damaged.

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