Scholarship Programmes

The Institute has various scholarship and fellowship programmes available for suitable candidates with a focus in Islamic Studies or other areas of interest to the IIS.

Mohammed Arkoun Doctoral Scholarship

In recognition of the late Professor Mohammed Arkoun’s contribution to the the field of Islamic Studies and allied disciplines, the Institute of Ismaili Studies has established a new scholarship entitled “Mohammed Arkoun Doctoral Scholarship.

Doctoral Scholarship Programme

The Institute awards doctoral scholarships each year to suitable candidates. Preference is given to those applicants who have completed the Institute’s three year Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities and who are interested in pursuing careers in Islamic studies.

More specifically, the doctoral scholarship programme aims (1) to encourage the study of certain neglected areas of Islamic and related studies, such as Qur’anic studies and (2) to foster a community of scholars in the areas of interest to the IIS.

Zahid 'Ali Fellowship Programme

The Zahid 'Ali Fellowship was established in 1997 by the Institute of Ismaili Studies in the name of Professor Zahid 'Ali (1888-1958), a pioneer of modern Ismaili Studies, at the bequest of Professor Zahid 'Ali's son, the late Professor Abid 'Ali, and his family.

The Zahid Ali Fellowship, in the amount of £5000, is awarded once every five years to an internationally renowned scholar working in the field of Classical Arabic Literature who intends to use the award to carry-out research on a topic of relevance to Ismaili Studies.

Annemarie Schimmel Fellowship Programme

The Annemarie Schimmel Fellowship, inaugurated in 2004, is awarded every three years to a scholar working in the fields of interest to the late Professor Schimmel such as Islamic mysticism, Arabic, Persian and South Asian literatures and literary and artistic expressions of Muslim devotional life. The £10,000 award is intended to assist the recipient to complete research leading to the publication of a book.

Dissertation Writing Scholarship Programme

The Institute of Ismaili Studies welcomes application from graduate students in the field of Islamic Studies who are researching an Ismaili topic for its Dissertation Writing Scholarship. This scholarship carries a stipend of £3000 (or local equivalent), and has been established to assist promising graduate research students and doctoral candidates to complete their fieldwork or dissertation.