Field Projects 2015

In the summer of their second year, GPISH students conduct a research project which can serve as a basis for continued post-graduate study or career development. The field project gives students an opportunity to produce an original piece of research and gives them direct experience of the lived context of the theories they are exposed to during the Graduate Programme. Students are encouraged to make connections between historical and contemporary issues during this time and to understand the social context of knowledge.  Below is a list of the most recent field projects -


Aleesha Peermohamed C is for communication: The ABCs of conflict prevention – A study of dispute prevention initiatives in the Canadian Ismaili Community Canada
Amirali Parpia Work No Words: the motivating factors of volunteerism in Ismaili community institutions in Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Farhan Karim Facebook and the Performance of Ismaili Identity in Vancouver Canada Canada
Farrah Walji Professional Careers of the North American ‘Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities’ Alumni USA
Irfaninfo-icon Haslani The Pendulum of Ethnic Identity: A Perspective from Afghan Ismaili Students in Pune India
Nasreen Popat Affective activists – Narratives of Syrian women in the UK UK
Nilufar Shukrikhudoeva The Dual Nature of the Afghan Civil Society. A Case Study of the European Campaign for Human Rights for the People of Afghanistan UK
Parisa Badakhchani Displacement and Settlement:A Case Study of the Professional Opportunities of Iranian Students  in Canada Canada
Sadiq Sultanali Habib The Making of Contemporary Ismailis(M): Encounters with Diversity and Identity Re-Articulation among Khojah Ismailis in Calgary, Canada Canada
Shamsuddin Hemani Religion, Education and Identity: A Case Study through the Lens of Ismaili Students of Dubai and Sharjah UAE
Zarrina Alishoeva Intellectualism in Ismaili Thought: The views of Tajik Ismaili scholars about the contributions of an Ismaili scholar and philosopher Professor Khayolbek Dodikhudoev Tajikistan