Dr Al-Karim Datoo
Research Associate


As a research co-ordinator for the Constituency Studies Unit, Dr Al-Karim Datoo is responsible for the development and co-ordination of research within the unit.  He leads multi-year, multi-sites research projects ( currently in four countries) on globalisation and youth value-formation, informs policy-making at the IIS through evidence-based research, mentors researchers at CSU & ITREBs,  and helps to develop institutional collaboration as well as developing research capacity building for ITREBs.

Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Datoo was an Assistant Professor; leading social science research and Masters program at the Aga Khaninfo-icon University’ Institute for Educational Development in Pakistan.  Dr Datoo has taught teacher education programs and supervised Master and Doctoral thesis. Dr Datoo has also served as a reviewer of Social Studies National Curriculum for Federal Ministry of Education, Pakistan. He also chaired a special committee formed to review a report on state of curricula in Pakistan; recommendations of which were submitted to President of Pakistan.

Dr Datoo has a PhD (McGill, Canada): Cin ultural-Sociology of education, MSc in Educational Research Methodology (University of Oxford), Graduate Program in Islamic Studies and Humanities (Institute of Ismaili Studies, London). He is an ethnographer with special interests in conducting critical/ethnographies of intersection between globalisation and school knowledge/curricular experience and its impact on formation of students’ identities.