Dr Otared Haidar


Dr. Otared Haidar is a member of the Academic and research staff at the Department of the Islamic World and Middle East Studies at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. She lectured at several other universities and institutions including the Institute of Ismaili Studies (London) and the University of London.

Dr. Haidar completed her D. Phil Degree at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford in 2005. Her doctoral research thesis was published by Ithaca in 2008 in a book titled The Prose Poem and the Shi’r Journal: a Comparative Study of Literature, Literary Theory and Journalism. Please click here for more information.

Taking as its basis recent groundbreaking writings on modern cultural and literary studies, textual studies and semiotics, the book defines literature as universal practice which requires a broad comparative perspective. Placing the Arabic literary text squarely in its cross-cultural historical context, the book takes a comparative approach from Western literature to conduct a textual and discourse analysis on the one hand and to examine its interactive relation with its contexts which remains unexplored, on the other. The study, demonstrates that Western and Arabic narratives and poetics had similar geneses and they share some master-models and sources. Moreover, they both developed through their interactive relations with overall cultural atmospheres as well as with print culture. By conducting a historical, theoretical, cultural and textual examination of the literary text, this book aims to establish the basis for a new reading of the literary practices and their relation to cultural structures.

Dr. Haidar obtained a BA in English Literature, (Damascus University 1988) and a BA in Dramatic Studies and Criticism (the Academy Dramatic Arts, Damascus 1990). In 1995 she joined the second class of the Institute's current Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities and continued her study in Oxford University where she obtained a Masters in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford in 1998. In 2005 she completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education at the Education Department, University of Oxford and she is now a fellow of the Higher Education Academy in UK.

Dr. Haidar worked as a consultant and a lecturer in IIS where she designed, co-designed and lectured in several courses including Modern and Classical Arabic literature for GPISH and the Narrative: Theory and Practice for STEP. She is now a visiting lecturer for modern Arab Novel in IIS. She has presented academic papers at conferences at different international university including the University of Oxford. She is a member of the British Association of writers.