Ms. Lisa Magloff
Managing Editor


Lisa Magloff is the Managing Editor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the Institute of Ismaili Studies. She has a Master’s degree in International Boundary Studies from King’s College in London and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Reed College, in Portland, Oregon. Before joining the IIS, Lisa worked as an editorial project manager for Dorling Kindersley and Atlantic Europe Publishing. She also has a background in journalism, having worked as managing editor and investigative reporter on publications in the United States, Egypt and UAE.

In addition to editorial work, Lisa has experience in the classroom, teaching a variety of subjects at both primary and secondary level. She has also taught Political Geography at King’s College. Lisa has authored more than 70 education textbooks and classroom materials, as well as book publications for general sale. She also has experience designing science kits and educational materials, including films and videos, both for classroom and home use.