Dr. Marodsilton Muborakshoeva
Senior Lecturer


Marodsilton  Muborakshoeva is a lecturer for the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanties as well as for the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP).

As the module leader for STEP's core modules (Revelation, Hermeneutics, Pluralism and Practice and Literature of Muslim Societies), her responsibilities include modification and review of modules, delivery of lectures and seminars and assessing student progress.

She acts as a mentor and lesson plan tutor for STEP students and in addition to this she is also a research supervisor for STEP students pursuing their MA degree and GPISH students field work projects.  She also delivers lectures on Research Design and Methods for GPISH as part of her role at the Institute.

Marodsilton completed her Diploma (BA) in Philology at Tajik State University after which she worked as a teacher of Tajik language and literature in the Shughnan district of Tajik Badakshan. Following this, Marodsilton worked for The Ismaili Tariqahinfo-icon and Religious Education Committee (ITREC) in Tajikistan where some of her projects involved field trips and work with the Ismaili communities of Afghanistan. Part of her research with ITREC also involved work with women teachers in the region and projects related to the collection of oral traditions in Badakhshan.

Marodsilton joined the Institute's Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities in 2000 and completed her MSc in Comparative and International Education at the University of Oxford, where her thesis explored the historical background of higher educational institutions among Muslims.

She embarked on her DPhil studies at the University of Oxford in its Department of Educational Studies and further developed her Masters research to look at the concepts of universities in Muslim contexts and examine challenges these universities face and opportunities they have. Marodsilton worked on the topic extensively and developed the thesis into a book, which has been published by Routledge and entitled Islam and Higher Education: Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities.