Speeches of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III

Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan (1877-1957) was the 48th hereditary Imaminfo-icon of the Shiainfo-icon Ismaili Muslims. Through his intimate knowledge of diverse cultural traditions, he was uniquely placed to play a significant role in the international affairs of his time, and his long public career had many dimensions.

Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah was a social reformer whose concerns included the alleviation of rural poverty and the upliftment of women in society. An advocate of modern education, he became an ardent supporter of male and female educational advancement in India and East Africa. A keen connaisseur of culture, he advocated a truly multicultural education blending the best and highest of Western and Eastern literary classics. He was a champion of amity between nations and peoples.

In 1998, Kegan Paul International published a selection of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah's speeches and writings, which was edited, annotated and introduced by Professor K K Aziz, a leading scholar of the history of the Indian Subcontinent. A selection of speeches from that publication are presented on this website to reflect Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah's ideals and thoughts on modern and multicultural education, the renaissance of Islamic culture, and Islam in the modern age. Many of his views are mirrored in the perspectives that inform the Institute's endeavours.

  1. "Material Intelligence and Spiritual Enlightenment" An Address at the Platinum Jubilee Ceremony, February 20, 1955 Cairo, Egypt.

  2. "The Task Before the League of Nations" Adjournment of the Session Speech to the League of Nations, October 6, 1937 Geneva, Switzerland.

  3. "Hafiz and the Place of Iranian Culture in the World" Inaugural Lecture Before the Iran Society, November 9, 1936 London, United Kingdom.

  4. "Educational Needs of Muslim India" Inaugural Speech at the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference, December 4, 1911 Delhi, India.

  5. "The True Purpose of Education" Speech at the Muslim Educational Conference, 1904, Bombay, India.

  6. "Muslim Education in India" Presidential Address to the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference, 1902, Delhi, India.