STEP Alumni

The IIS alumni body now consists of several hundred individuals dispersed across the world. As alumni of the IIS, STEP graduates become members of the IIS’ Alumni Association which offers them a number of benefits, including:

  • opportunities to participate in academic seminars;
  • access to research and conference participation grants of up to £500 (subject to availability of budget and approval of application);
  • networking opportunities at annual Chapter Group meetings;
  • an annual Alumni Newsletter and regular bulletins advertising conferences and professional opportunities;
  • access to the recently established online community portal which serves as a professional network;
  • opportunities to share news and publish research via a dedicated domain on the IIS website.

A range of Continuing Professional Development initiatives are in place for the STEP graduates, enabling them to enhance their skills and capabilities. As the STEP initiative takes root in different countries across the world, many opportunities for teacher exchange will emerge, offering international experience as well as facilitating knowledge-transfer across cultures. Further, with the growing network of Aga Khaninfo-icon Academies and partnerships with schools operated by the Aga Khan Education Services, graduates of STEP will have opportunities in the coming years to teach beyond the religious education system, contributing to the education of secondary students in the wider community.