Keywords: Muslim, ethics, law, secularism, pluralism, morality, modernity, liberalism, civil society, din, dunya, Weltanschauung, umma, ‘adl (justice), siyasa shari’a, Orientalism, Gellner, Keane, human rights, ijtihad, public sphere, democracy, Qur’an, dawla, akhlaq.

Abstract: Liberal perspectives on civil society tend to consign ethical issues to the private sphere, in keeping with the Euro-American ethos of a secular public culture. This article offers a Muslim perspective that argues in favour of an ethically-engaged public sphere, yet one that takes on board human rights and the rule of law, and is sympathetic to communitarian values.


Dr Amyn Sajoo

Amyn B. Sajoo is a Scholar-in-Residence at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies in Vancouver, Canada. A specialist in international human rights, civil society and public ethics, Dr Sajoo was educated at King's College London and McGill University, Montreal. 


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