Castle of Maymun Diz

Maymun Diz CastleEntrance arch

Maymun Diz was a large castle, a well-fortified garrison and a royal palace situated to the west of Alamutinfo-icon. It is located on a rock whose summit (1,500 feet long by 300 feet wide) is 2,000 feet about the valley floor. With the adjoining foothills, the circumference of the site is about 4 miles. In addition to a large central tower, there were 3 springs on the side of the rock and one upon its summit. Most of the fortifications are in the southwest corner with battlements made from gravel and plaster.


  • Maymun Diz began to be erected in Rabi‘ I 520/April 1126.
  • On 18 Shawwalinfo-icon 654/November 8, 1256, the Mongol conquerer Hülegü encamped on a hilltop facing the fortress of Maymun Diz where the Nizari imaminfo-icon Rukn al-Dininfo-icon Khurshah (d. 655/1257) was staying. After the failure of a last round of negotiations and some intense fighting, the Ismaili leader was finally forced to surrender.

The Castle of Maymun Diz

The castle of Maymun Diz was constructed out of the natural cave system of rock.

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Entrance arch, Maymun Diz

One of Maymun Diz’s entrance arches. The fortifications on the rock face below the arch were destroyed by Mongol mangonels. One of the reasons for the castle’s falls was that the foundation it was built upon was too weak to withstand the intense bombardment from the Mongols.

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