• Dedicated to the achievements of Dr Farhad Daftary, a leading authority on Ismaili Studies and eminent scholar of Islamic history, this volume brings together a number of studies on Islamic intellectual and political history, particularly in the three areas where his scholarship has had the greatest impact – Ismaili Studies, Persian Studies and the wider context of Shi‘i Studies.

    The volume covers issues in the fields of history, thought and language focusing, though not exclusively, on the intellectual contributions of the Ismailis and their role in broader Islamic history. It includes discussions on subjects ranging from early Ismaili texts, the scholars of the Fatimid and Alamutinfo-icon eras of Ismaili history, Persian contributions to Islamic culture and literature, the presence of the Central Asian Turks and the Franks in lands under Muslim dominion, and aspects of Shi‘i thought in the Safavid era.

    The contributors include:
    I. Afshar, H. Algar, M. A. Amirinfo-icon-Moezzi, S. J. Badakhchani, C. Baffioni, C. E. Bosworth, D. Cortese, P. Crone, D. De Smet, R. Gleave, H. Haji, I. Hajnal, A. H. Hamdani, C. Hillenbrand, A. C. Hunsberger, H. Landolt, L. Lewisohn, W. Madelung, A. Nanji, A. J. Newman, I. K. Poonawala and P. E. Walker.
  • Foreword  
    Azim Nanji xi
    List of Illustrations xiv
    List of Contributors xv
    1. Introduction: A Biographical Sketch  
    Omar Alí-de-Unzaga 1
    2. Bibliography of the Works of Farhad Daftary 33
    3. Persian, the Other Sacred Language of Islam: Some Brief Notes  
    Mohammad Ali Amirinfo-icon-Moezzi 59
    4. Sunni Claims to Imaminfo-icon Ja'far al-Sadiq  
    Hamid Algar 77
    5. The Kitab al-Rusum wa'l-izdiwaj wa'l-tartib Attributed to 'Abdan (d.286/899): Edition of the Arabic Text and Translation  
    Wilferd Madelung and Paul E.Walker 103
    6. Abu Tammam on the Mubayyida  
    Patricia Crone 167
    7. The Ikhwan al Safa': Between al-Kindi and al-Farabi  
    Abbas Hamdani 189
    8. Ibda', Divine Imperative and Prophecy in the Ras'il Ikhwan al-Safa'  
    Carmela Baffioni 213
    9. Some aspects of the External Relations of the Qaramita in Bahrayn  
    István Hajnal 227
    10. A Distinguished Slav Eunuch of the Early Fatimid Period:al-Ustadh Jawdhar  
    Hamid Haji 261
    11. Al-Qadiinfo-icon al-Nu'man and his Refutation of Ibn Qutayba  
    Ismail K.Poonawala 275
    12. The Risala al-Mudhhiba Attributed to al-Qadi al-Nu'man: Important Evidence for the Adoption of Neoplatonism by Fatimid Ismailism at the Time of al-Mu'izz?  
    Daniel De Smet
    (Translated from French by Hafiz Karmali)
    13. Cosmos into Verse: two Examples of Islamic Philosophical Poetry in Persian  
    Alice C. Hunsberger 343
    14. Early Evidence for the Reception of Nasir-i Khusraw's Poetry in Sufisminfo-icon: 'Ayn al-Qudat's Letter on the Ta'limis  
    Hermann Landolt 369
    15. A Dream Come True: Empowerment Through Dreams reflecting Fatimid Sulayhid Relations  
    Delia Cortese 387
    16. From the ‘Moses of Reason’ to the ‘Khidr of the Resurrection’:The Oxymoronic Transcendent in Shahrastani’s Majlis-i maktub…dar Khwarazm  
    Leonard Lewisohn 403
    17. Poems of the Resurrection: Hasan-i Mahmud-i Katib and his Diwaninfo-icon-i Qa'imiyyat: Hasan-i Mahmud-i Katib and his Diwan-i Qa'imiyyat  
    S. Jalal Badakchani 431
    18. Further Notes on the Turkish Names in Abu’l-Fadl Bayhaqi’s Tarikh-i Mas'udi  
    C.Edmund Bosworth 443
    19. A Book List from a Seventh/Thirteenth-Century Manuscript Found in Bamyan  
    Iraj Afshar 453
    20. What’s in a Name? Tughtegin – ‘the Minister of the Antichrist’?  
    Carole Hillenbrand 459
    21. Safavidsinfo-icon and ‘Subalterns’: The Reclaiming of Voices  
    Andrew J. Newman 473
    22. Compromise and Conciliation in the Akhbari –Usuli Dispute: Yusuf al-Bahrani’s Assessment of 'Abd Allah al-Samahiji’s Munyat al-Mumarisin  
    Robert Gleave 491
    Index 573


  • Dr. Omar Ali-de-Unzaga

    Dr. Omar Ali-de-Unzaga
    Dr Omar Ali-de-Unzaga is Deputy Head of the Department of Academic Research and Publications , with particular responsibility for the academic coordination of the Qur’anic Studies Unit . He is also the Coordinator of the Scholarships and Fellowship programmes at the IIS. He was a recipient of the IIS PhD Scholarship in 1999, and is currently involved in a number of research programmes and publications at the IIS. Dr Ali-de-Unzaga completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge, on the use of the Qur’an in the Epistles of the Pure Brethren ( Ikhwan al-Safa ). His thesis analyses the classical...Read more