Ismaili Texts and Translations Series

Recent advances in Ismaili studies have been initiated by the recovery of Ismaili texts. A large number of such texts, written in Arabic, Persian and Indic languages, are preserved in the collections of The Institute of Ismaili Studies Library. The Ismaili Texts and Translations Series aims to produce critical editions together with English translations and contextualising introductions, which are essential for further progress in the field. 

Latest Publication

  • The Persian philosopher Ibn Sina (d. 1037), known in Europe as Avicenna, was arguably the greatest master of Aristotelian thought in the Muslim world. The symbolical ‘Poem on the Soul’ ( Qasidat al- nafs ), which portrays all earthly human souls as in temporary exile from heaven, is traditionally attributed to him. renowned for his encyclopaedic treatments of philosophy, Avicenna also experimented with a variety of intellectual genres and discourse styles, including a small number of mythopoeic texts. Among those, the brief Qasida drew the particular attention of commentators on...