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Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities

The Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) encourages a perspective which is not confined to the theological and religious heritage of Islam, but seeks to explore the relationship of religious ideas to broader dimensions of society and culture. It thus encourages an inter-disciplinary approach to the materials of Islamic history and thought. Particular attention is also given to issues of modernity that arise as Muslims seek to relate their heritage to contemporary circumstances.

Educational Field Trips


Second-year GPISH students visit Cordoba and Granada where they get to grips with the rich history, art, architecture and social, political and cultural history of Muslim Spain. 

The trip contributes to the attainment of learning objectives of the GPISH modules in which the focus is on learning about the formation of political and religious identity through the medium of art and architecture.


Подготовительные программы

Мы предлагаем подготовительные программы для студентов - исмаилитов, которые ранее не учились на английском языке. Мы проводим Английскую Программу Хорога в Таджикистане и Сирийскую Подготовительную Программу в Дамаск, и мы будем проводить уроки на английском языке с предварительной подготовкой перспективных студентов, которые не имеют доступа к этим учебным программам.

Английская Программа Хорога

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