Co-Directors’ Office


Dr Farhad Daftary

Co-Director & Head of Department of Academic Research and Publications


Rita Bishopp

PA to Dr Aziz Esmail, Governor


Nasim Mohamed

PA to Mr Shams Vellani

Selina K Ramji Project Coordinator and Secretary to the Board   

Ismaili Special Collections Unit


Dr Wafi Momin

Head of Ismaili Special Collections Unit


Dr Nourmamadcho Nourmamadchoev

Research Associate and Projects Coordinator


Karim Javan

Manuscript Cataloguer & Researcher


Sadrudin Hassam

Cataloguing Assistant


Naureen Ali

Cataloguing Assistant  


Quality Assurance and Evaluation Unit


Diane Rainsbury

Head of Quality Assurance and Evaluation Unit 

Katie O'Brien Senior Quality Assurance Officer  

Nibras Aldibbiat

Research and Evaluation Advisor


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Department of Academic Research and Publications


Dr Farhad Daftary

Co-Director & Head of Department of Academic Research and Publications


Julia Kolb

PA to Dr Farhad Daftary, Co-Director


Dr Omar Alí-de-Unzaga

Deputy Head of Department of Academic Research and Publications


 Editorial Team


Wendy Robinson

Editorial Project Coordinator


Russell Harris



Patricia Salazar



Nadia Holmes



Tara Woolnough

Managing Editor 

Dr Isabel Miller Editor  

Marjan Afsharian


Raeesah Akhtar  Development Editor   

Rahim Gholami

Research Assistant


 Research Faculty


Professor  Hermann Landolt

Senior Research Fellow


Professor  Wilferd Madelung

Senior Research Fellow


Professor  Carmela Baffioni

Senior Research Fellow


Professor  Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi

Senior Research Fellow


Dr Reza Shah-Kazemi

Senior Research Associate

Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor Senior Research Associate  

Dr Jalal Badakhchani

Research Associate


Dr Arzina R Lalani

Research Associate


Fayaz Alibhai 

Research Associate


Dr Mohammad Rasekh

Research Associate

Dr Mourad Kacimi Visiting Research Associate  

 Central Asian Studies


Dr Hakim Elnazarov



Dr Najam Abbas

Research Associate and Editorial Assistant


Dr  Amier Saidula

Research Associate


Dr Yahia Baiza

Research Associate


Muzaffar Zoolshoev

Research Assistant


Qur’anic Studies


Dr Omar Alí-de-Unzaga

Academic Coordinator


Dr Toby Mayer

Senior Research Associate


Dr Stephen Burge

Senior Research Associate


Dr Nuha Al-Sha'ar

Senior Research Associate

Dr Karen Bauer Research Associate  

Dr Alessandro Cancian

Research Associate


Lisa Morgan



Fiona Ward


Eleanor Payton Copy Editor  

Naushin Shariff



Shi'i Studies Studies


Dr Gurdofarid Miskinzoda

Head of Shi'i Studies Unit and Research Associate

Dr Orkhan Mir-Kasimov Senior Research Associate  
Dr  Maria de-Cillis Senior Research Associate & Shi'i Heritage Series Managing Editor  
Dr  Janis Esots Research Associate  
Dr  Dagi Dagiev Research Associate  
Nigina Mirbozkhonova

Research Assistant


Constituency Studies Research


Dr Shainool Jiwa

Head of Constituency Studies Research Unit


Hasan Al-Khoee

Research Assistant


Qudsia Shah

Research Officer

Maha Yaziji Education Officer   
Rafiq Ajani 

Research Officer – Ethics

Zarangez Karimova  Research Officer – Ethics  
Yaser Mirdamadi Research Officer – Ethics  
Nido Guljon  Research Assistant - Intern   
Haydar Allami  Research Assistant   

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Department of Community Relations


Dr Shiraz Kabani

Head of Department


Nina Lee

Administrative Assistant

Dr Karim Gulamali Programme Coordinator, International Training Programme   
Nemat Alifbekov   Course Director, Primary Teacher Educators Training Programme  

Educational Programmes


Hussain Jasani

Manager for Educational Programmes


Zulfikar Khimani

Academic Coordinator

Anjum Alam Programme Coordinator  

STEP International Liaison


Riaz Rhemtulla

STEP International Liaison Manager

Vacant Interim STEP Programme Officer   

Human Resource Development Programme for Central Asia


Hadi Mirshahi

Manager for HRD Central Asia

Farzad Kadkhoda Academic Coordinator   

Alumni Relations


Sabeen Bashwani  

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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Department of Graduate Studies


Dr Laila Halani

Head of Department 

Dr Tullio Lobetti Special Projects Manager  
Dr Zamira Dildorbekova  

STEP Programme Coordinator 

Dr Christie Johnson GPISH Programme Leader  

Faheem Hussain 

Teacher Educator 


Dr Anjoom Mukadam

Teaching Placements Coordinator and Lecturer


Dr Sharmina Mawani



Dr  Marodsilton Muborakshoeva

Senior Lecturer


Dr Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad


Dr Maryam Rezaee Lecturer  
Rosa Barugh Academic Support Programmes Advisor (on maternity leave)   
Dr Roy Wilson 

Acting Academic Support Programmes Advisor (maternity leave cover) 

Emma Nixon  Senior Education Programmes Officer   
Menue Begum  Academic Administrator  

Sandra Rugea



Student Services Unit

Mona Patel 

Student Services Manager 

Rakeeza Kanth  Assistant Student Services Manager   
Alan Wake  Student Services and Registry Officer   
Hollie Kent  Student Services and Registry Officer  

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Department of Curriculum Studies


Dr Shiraz Thobani

Head of Department



Early Childhood Development 

Aliya Thawer  Early Childhood Development Coordinator  



Zuleikha Haji

Education Officer 

Dr Dipli Saikia Editor  

Pedagogy and Resources


Nazmin Halani

Senior Education Officer



Education Officer



Shamim Salaam Translations Coordinator  

Dr Abdulmamad Iloliev

Research Associate


Implementation and Evaluation



Senior Education Officer


Design and Production


Alnoor Nathani

Design and Production Manager


Colin Graham

Senior Design and Production Officer


Naveed Khokhar 

Desktop Publishing Officer 


Project Support


Shola Ajilore

Project Manager


Joy Johnson

Administrative Assistant


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Department of Human Resources


Liz Geary 

Head of Department


Caroline Gomez

Human Resources Advisor


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Department of Communications and Development


Salima Bhatia

Head of Department


Shaheena Ormerod-Sachedina

Communications and Development Manager  

Sarah Ismail

Communications & Resource Development Officer


Zehra Lalji

Website Research & Productions Officer  

Aliya Lavji

Content Editor

Vacant  Digital Officer   

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Department of Finance & Administration


Salah Mirza

Head of Department


Naznin Jiwa

Events Coordinator


Norma Graham

Office Manager

Leyla Abdulle Finance Manager   

Suzee Horsford-Green

Finance Officer


Alijon Alikhonov

Finance Officer


Anna Spinola

Front of House Manager 

Karim Velji  Receptionist   

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Department of Information Communication Technology

Eugene O'Donnell Head of Information and Educational Technology, IIS-ISMC   

Gus Ghorayeb 

IT Manager


Atif Idrees

Senior IT Support Officer


Vahab Ghofrani 

IT Support Officer


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Dr Walid Ghali

Head of the Joint IIS-ISMC Library


Khadija Lalani

Senior Library Assistant


Shah Hussain 



Alex Leach 

Library Assistant


Waseem Farooq 



Pedro Sanchez Rodriguez 



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